About Us

RDI is a consulting firm in Somalia that provides research-based evidence to guide decision-making for businesses and organizations.

Who We Are

Roots Development Initiative (RDI), established in 2018, is a consulting firm set up to respond to the immense and rapidly increasing need of research-based evidence to guide decision making among businesses and organizations. The aim is to strengthen public institutions’ capacity, develop local knowledge, promote innovative solutions, and provide capable technical experts across the region, specifically in Somalia. RDI has developed a propriety network utilizing the strength of being regional based.  RDI’s main agenda is to see a prosperous region not only distinguished by conflicts but also known for good governance, transparency, accountability, optimism, economic growth, and a region that is completely uprooted from poverty, violent conflicts, intolerance, and other human deprivations.

We provide highly specialized research, surveys and studies, institutional capacity development and development, third-party monitoring, and policy and strategy development to governmental, non-governmental entities as well as communities in the areas of innovation & technology, peacebuilding, resilience, education, community development, governance, public financial management, public, private partnership, and overall institutional and socio-economic capacity development.


Leadership in Quality, factual and innovative solutions.


RDI exists to provide cutting-edge solutions to monitoring, evaluation and research, knowledge management, effective programme management, impactful strategies, and
practical solutions to our clients and partners.

“The organization has an incredible team that bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table. It was a pleasure to work with them and they always deliver to an exceptionally high standard.”
James Donwell
“RDI brought a unique combination of skills to our project and helped us to tackle the most complex and integrated challenges.”
Terry Franklin
“RDI has been and invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of our projects.”
Abdi Warsame


Unique consultancy approach, which is both result and client oriented. We walk with clients to identify their challenges and jointly develop pathways to addressing them.

We take pride in our extensive experience in the development and humanitarian fields, coupled with our hands-on approach, which is key to satisfying our client’s needs and ensuring successful project implementations.

RDI provides tailor-made solutions. We employ diverse approaches and methodologies to understand the client’s requirements and design empowering and sustainable solutions accordingly.

RDI Consultants have in-depth technical and management skills and provide customer-centric solutions throughout the consulting engagement.

Our methodology is simple, delivers committed and quality solutions and builds long-term relationships with our clients. Services are tailored to each client requirement as part of a turnkey solution. The approach is flexible and accommodative.
Home-grown solutions – Tested home-grown experts with vast knowledge and local contexts in an increasingly complex environment. Cultural awareness with a deep understanding of local nuance and political and economic context are some of the keys we use to ensure effective and safe operations.
Timely and quality delivery of agreed services guided by client satisfaction and conscientious staff.
Strengthened partnership based on mutual benefit and respect for each other’s values, expectations, and organizational cultures.
Actionable, practical, and pragmatic contextual attuned solutions to our client’s problems.

Tools and technology – Up-to-date data collection, statistical, and analysis tools to ensure quality delivery of assignments and compatibility with clients’ analysis tool.

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