Climate Change Adaptation And Anticipatory Action

Horn of Africa is ranked in the world among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and regularly experiences torrential rains, seasonal flooding, and recurrent droughts. The effects of climate change are already visible across the countries like Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan as bouts of atypically widespread and severe droughts and flooding affect people year after year. Climate change also contributes to livestock mortality and a decline in the amount and viability of land farmers can cultivate and reduced harvests. From research to solution delivery, RDI contributes to the enrichment of the knowledge base as well as the development of tools and methods in this context and environment that is in constant evolution. RDI offers solutions tailored to your context-specific across the entire field of climate change adaptation and resilience: vulnerability diagnosis and adaptation strategy, assessment of risks and resilience capacities, economic analyses, actor capacity building, and facilitation of collective intelligence.

As both climatic and human-made disasters in the region become recurrent and predictable hazards like floods, droughts, epidemiological disease outbreaks, community violence, and conflicts, RDI offers technical experts to timely plan and develop ways to mitigate or minimize the impact of the hazards on countries and communities. RDI uses an innovative approach that systematically links early warnings to actions designed to protect families and their assets ahead of a hazard. With the help of RDI’s Anticipatory Actions Planning, clients will be able to lessen the impact of things like climate-related shocks, seasonal events, disease outbreaks, and known conflicts on communities.

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Climate Change Adaptation And Anticipatory Action

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