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OrganizationProject Component
End of Project Evaluation of SOM_SCF_MFA_HUM Project in SomaliaSave The Children Somalia (SCI)An end-line evaluation aimed to evaluate to what extent and under what circumstances (in the country context) is relevant, efficient, and effective for achieving sustainable impacts.
Simplified Lot Quality Assurance Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC) Coverage Surveys Caafimmad Plus ConsortiumAction Against
Hunger (ACF)
a Simplified Lot Quality Assurance Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC) Coverage Surveys Caafimaad Plus Consortium) to assess the coverage of the nutrition program in eight (8) districts, namely, Kaxda, Deynile, Afgoye, Balcad, Elbarde, Xudur, Galkacyo, and Baardhere
BMZ End of Project
Save The
Somalia (SCI)
The purpose of this final evaluation was to assess the performance of the project and achievements against the pre-set objectives, challenges, and best practices to inform future similar programming.
Energy Assessment
Somalia –Kismayo,
Baidoa, Mogadishu
and Galkacyo.
Mercy Corps
and Energy for
Impact (E4I)
This study aimed to understand the viability of market based energy access solutions in Somalia’s displacement settings.
Consultancy in Mental Health and Psychological Support for Frontline Workers in Somalia During Covid-19.Action Against Hunger (ACF)This consultancy aimed to provide ACF with psychosocial support to frontline workers affected by covid-19 and in response to the adverse effects of the pandemic, train the frontline healthcare workers on PFA, self-care, performing basic psychological assessments and being able to disseminate what is taught to the community during the covid period (them being frontline workers)
Third-party monitoring (TPM) of Integrated Lifesaving Assistance for Drought and Conflict Affected Populations in Somalia.Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO) June – August 2021This TPM aimed to support tracking planned activities, assess project performance/progress, and identify areas for improvement by documenting project beneficiaries’ views and feedback. The TPM involved monitoring project activities using program quality benchmarks that define expected quality standards and reporting findings with GREDO to aid in developing improvement actions.
End-line Market survey (Household)SolarGen, funded by SSF April – March 2020A household-level end-line market survey was conducted as required by SolarGen in the Xudur and Dinsoor districts of Bay and Bakool regions of Somalia. This assessment aimed to provide a broad overview with a specific focus on market viability for pico-solar as part of an economic development grant implemented by the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF).
Development of Business Licensing ManualBanadir Regional Administration (BRA) May – July 2019This project was implemented to give BRA:
1. Regulation of trade and prevention of illegal trade. The business must have its own identity and be responsible for what happens to its own identity.
2. Protect the safety and health of businesses, workers, and al-Shabaab
3. Monitor the number and volume of companies in the city
4. To be a source of income for the local government to provide social services
Annual Resilience Measurement (ARM)SOMREP – WVI Lead Agency May-August 2019Annual Resilience Measurement 2019. Assessed SomRep Partner Programs: ADRA, ACF, ACTED, CARE, COOPI, DRC and World Vision Somalia.
Partnership for Energy Capacity DevelopmentSolarGen, funded by SSF April – March 2020Strategic partnership for developing robust energy trainings and undertaking trainings for Somalia Energy sector Stakeholders.
Institutional capacity mapping and planningMinistry of Water and Energy – SomaliaThe Ministry and its leadership provided clear facility to effectively design a concrete capacity-building plan. The assignment included physical meetings of the key staff and department heads, a review of the necessary structure, and developing of a capacity-building plan for the Ministry.
Baseline evaluation of health, nutrition, and protection project in Mogadishu, Afgoye, and Baidoa districts in Somalia for CRS for August–November 2015Catholic Relief ServicesCRS commissioned this baseline evaluation to assess the performance of the interventions towards achieving the desired outcomes. The evaluation was also geared towards documenting promising practices that future projects can adopt to target similar villages.
SOM Income Generation, TVET, Social Protection and WASH for Resilient Communities in Mogadishu ProjectSave The Children Somalia (SCI)an end of project evaluation aimed to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact, and coherence of project interventions from September 2017 to September 2022

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