Research And Policy

RDI has a unique blend of research with learning, application, and knowledge dissemination, helping organizations and companies achieve sustainable results by empowering people and improving systems and processes. RDI works with professional researchers, civil society, think tanks, governments, and international development partners to develop the intellectual capacity required for developing evidence-informed policies. Tried and tested primary and secondary data collection methodologies– qualitative and quantitative–tailored to the needs of each individual project. RDI’s team of experts specialize in translating research findings into meaningful insights to guide our clients. This includes technical qualitative and quantitative data analysis and expert contextualization and clinical interpretation of data, developments, and trends. Synthesis of data into clear, concise, and targeted outputs is key to the client journey with RDI. Research findings and analyses are dissected, assessed, reworked, and refined from every possible angle to ensure final outputs are moulded to our client’s needs and expectations.

Research and Policy

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